Saturday, March 21, 2015


I love my work. I know for sure that I needed my work so much that if I don't have work surely I would starve to death. I always value my work before. My attitude towards my work changes when I got a big issue that involves me. It was truly a disaster since everything changes. I feel bad of what I have become when I realize that I am becoming a worst employee in my workplace. I have been shattered and destroy. I feel like I needed a break, a diversion and an escape. I never feel so incompetent in my life. It was all negative and bad vibes everyday. Now, I wanted to stop the stigma which I infested in me. I need to transcend from my situation. I believe that I needed to change for me to move on and be well again. I thought have surrender it already but still there is pain and there is bitterness inside my heart. I am moving away from where I am now. Tomorrow I will pull myself much harder than before. I will do whatever it takes to be good and to be worthy of all the blessings I receive and recognition place in me. I will work hard and try my very best not to entertain all the negative things in me. I will make things right and be the good person that God wants me to be. I've been disappointed, rejected and hurt by people which I never expected them to do. The lesson I learn is, to never trust easily, to always be in caution so that i will protect my heart from getting hurt and to always remember that only God can make me happy and nobody else. I've been so open, so enslave by other people and so trusting, Now I know that I should love myself and I should take care of myself. I been in this chain for almost four years now. Tomorrow I am looking forward for a new me, for new goal and new mind. I always say that I am sick in the head. Now I declare that I am all well and ready to face a new battle in my life. I am almost done to reach my goal. I claim that God will give this favor and that God will give this chance. I wanted to have the best research paper in my class. I wanted to pass the comprehensive exam and finish my goal. I know that this is not easy but I will try my very best to make everything I do as my blood, as the water i thirst,  as the air that I breath and life I need to cherish and enjoy the most.  As what I always say no matter what happens ,life has to go on. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Notes of the day

     Exhausted is the word of the day. I'm not really that tired maybe too much thinking keeps my mind work the whole day that makes me think I'm tired. lately I've been through a lot of things and I just keep on reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. I wanted to move forward but something holds me back and I feel like someone is controlling me. I hope that whatever I am going through right now I just wanted to put an end to it. My minds keeps wondering why? why things didn't happen the way I plan. But anyways I know someday, somehow I will know the real reason behind everything. I just go with the flow and just make things the way it should be. I do my tasks and I do it from the heart although lately work challenges me to do well and to prove to people that I am worthy. I know I am special and I know I could do all things with God who strengthens me.  I know i won't survive without God I know He always make a way for me to feel better. He magically transform me and  make me happy whenever I need Him. Thank you Lord. I love u

Monday, August 19, 2013

Picking up the pieces

       I've been very tired yet I'm okay of my situation right now. I'm still adjusting to the kind of life I'm in. I hope that I could get over this adjustment period because I think its almost three months and I'm still struggling and coping with the situation I'm in. There must be a greater reason why God place me here yet I still have to find out His great purpose for me. I know that each step of the way He is in my side. I might be lost and confused today but I know this is not forever. As of now I'm picking up the pieces trying to find each piece and putting them all together. I know that soon I'll be able to see things in the greater view and I would be able to understand the things I'm confused with. As for now I'm still patiently waiting for the right time God will grant me the wisdom for me to fully understand everything. I'm busy of school work and I'm trying to work out my online business-SWA. I hope I could find someone to join my group. I know that someday I will be financially independent. I will share my blessings to those who need it and I'll create opportunities for me to help other people start their new life and shift to a different kind of setting. I'm sharing my business to you click here CARM'S ONLINE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. I hope you would take the time to watch this and if you are interested just PM. This is one of the diversion I need for me to be productive and forget whatever issues I need to address. I know that everything happens for a reason whatever it is, I know I'll end up achieving my goals. Have a nice day. =)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Other side of Me

         I'm Carms a sped and a regular class teacher as well. I got simple dreams and i love blogging and I love to share my thoughts to others. For nine years I've been a classroom teacher and I have put all my time and life to teach kids with different personalities and background in life. I've been a grade four teacher for nine years and just this year I've step out of my comfort zone and step in to a new a different kind of teaching and that is teaching kids with special needs. At first I was kinda nervous and worried because the last time I handle kids with special needs was last 2004 when I have my internship and exposure to special education class. Due to some reasons I wanted to have a diversion of the usual things that I'm doing for over the past years of my life. Just last year I join a networking company here in the Philippines Nutratech Global Inc. our products are really effective and affordable as well. My need and a struggle to have financial independence doesn't stop there I also join an online business opportunity to where I could earn extra income for me to help my parents, help others by sharing the opportunity and for me to reach my dreams. TAMBAY ACADEMY this is a great opportunity for you to earn instant 100% commission and multiple streams of income. My deepest why I invest and do business is that I want to change the lives of other people and eliminate poverty in my own little ways. In sharing the business to other people, building relationships and convincing other people that change is worth doing for their own good all it takes is a will and determination to do it. If you are interested PM at CARMS

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Saturday, January 5, 2013


I'll be waiting for you.... GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Help! Fire!

Last June 10 our house almost got caught by a fire. I was so scared and nervous that time. It was actually our dirty kitchen that was burned by the fire. I panic when I saw the fire is slowly consuming our dirty kitchen. We help each other to stop the fire. We are so lucky that we have neighbors who help us in putting the fire down. The firemen went to our house when the fire is already gone. Until now I still can't help but think about that experience. I got so scared thinking of what happen. The lesson that we learn from that experience was that we must always put the fire woods with water after we cook what happen was my mother left the dirty kitchen with burned woods that are still burning but unfortunately the wind blow so strong that the papers that were place there was caught by the fire and there was an oil that spill on it so the fire spread all over the dirty kitchen. Tatay also told us that we should only open one faucet in collecting the water then we must not panic. The day after what happen nanay and tatay bought a new fire extinguisher. The only thing that makes me feel good was we were all helping each other in the house even for my siblings who are not in good terms funny because they are living in the same house yet for five years they never talk to each other and when that thing happens they never hesitate to turn their back instead they work together to put the fire down. I wish they will be friends soon not only in this kind of bad situation but in a scenario were all of us are happy and safe. Have a nice day my friend.