Monday, August 19, 2013

Picking up the pieces

       I've been very tired yet I'm okay of my situation right now. I'm still adjusting to the kind of life I'm in. I hope that I could get over this adjustment period because I think its almost three months and I'm still struggling and coping with the situation I'm in. There must be a greater reason why God place me here yet I still have to find out His great purpose for me. I know that each step of the way He is in my side. I might be lost and confused today but I know this is not forever. As of now I'm picking up the pieces trying to find each piece and putting them all together. I know that soon I'll be able to see things in the greater view and I would be able to understand the things I'm confused with. As for now I'm still patiently waiting for the right time God will grant me the wisdom for me to fully understand everything. I'm busy of school work and I'm trying to work out my online business-SWA. I hope I could find someone to join my group. I know that someday I will be financially independent. I will share my blessings to those who need it and I'll create opportunities for me to help other people start their new life and shift to a different kind of setting. I'm sharing my business to you click here CARM'S ONLINE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. I hope you would take the time to watch this and if you are interested just PM. This is one of the diversion I need for me to be productive and forget whatever issues I need to address. I know that everything happens for a reason whatever it is, I know I'll end up achieving my goals. Have a nice day. =)