Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clean up activity

the pathway to the carmelite convent near our school

cleaning is a serious job. Save the earth

Gathering of thrash and leaves

Sweepin the sidewalk dusty but fun

The Four Lovebirds and Four Eagle joined together in the barangay clean up drive. Ms. Lilian Abregana and me, accompanied the children in this activity. We have so much fun. this activity was headed by the school division. we started at 8am and we end up at 11am. We realized that when we help each other our goals will be attained. Kids were able to see the importance of throwing their garbage in the right place, they have learned the importance of Mother Earth and begins to practice the zero waste management and separating biodegardable to non-biodegradable materials. I wish that this activity will continue in the next school year.