Saturday, June 12, 2010

Help! Fire!

Last June 10 our house almost got caught by a fire. I was so scared and nervous that time. It was actually our dirty kitchen that was burned by the fire. I panic when I saw the fire is slowly consuming our dirty kitchen. We help each other to stop the fire. We are so lucky that we have neighbors who help us in putting the fire down. The firemen went to our house when the fire is already gone. Until now I still can't help but think about that experience. I got so scared thinking of what happen. The lesson that we learn from that experience was that we must always put the fire woods with water after we cook what happen was my mother left the dirty kitchen with burned woods that are still burning but unfortunately the wind blow so strong that the papers that were place there was caught by the fire and there was an oil that spill on it so the fire spread all over the dirty kitchen. Tatay also told us that we should only open one faucet in collecting the water then we must not panic. The day after what happen nanay and tatay bought a new fire extinguisher. The only thing that makes me feel good was we were all helping each other in the house even for my siblings who are not in good terms funny because they are living in the same house yet for five years they never talk to each other and when that thing happens they never hesitate to turn their back instead they work together to put the fire down. I wish they will be friends soon not only in this kind of bad situation but in a scenario were all of us are happy and safe. Have a nice day my friend.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I got sick on evaluation. The preparation is so hard and stressing. I didn't prepare in our evaluation. I didn't even make some changes in the classroom what they see is what they will get. I'm tired of waiting for them and they will just show up without a notice. I wish they won't be coming anymore hehehe but if they will come I will welcome them. It is part of my work anyway. I would love to see them soon this week.