Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Wish

I have a bunch of Christmas wish, but the only thing I wish for is that my parents to have a good, long and healthy life. I'm not going to wish something for myself but for them. I wanted them to enjoy life and give them all the best that I could. Its just that there are things that is out of my hands and I'm not in control with. I hope I could in a way make them happy in my own special way.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

NSTP Recollection

The Xavier University NSTP contact persons held their recollection and Christmas party today. I was really enrich today. I have learned a lot of things from the recollection. I am proud to say that I encounter God's presence today. I discover that I would have much problem if only I listen to God's will and always believe in what He feels for me. The secret is that we just got to believe no matter how hard our plight is. Just always bear in mind to never stop believing, never lose hope and never give up. I was touched with all the messages that God gave me. I feel so lucky to be there today. Last year I failed to attend the alternative Christmas because I was completing my course in microsoft computer literacy course.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today is the christmas party of the NSTP tutees. I was five minutes late. It was the first time that I came in late in school for the Reading tutorial. The children were very happy. Their tutors gave them something, they have their card making activity, games, storytelling on the life of Jesus and they have feeding. I was kinda worried at first because the barangay failed to come who provides all the cooking materials for the feeding. I decided to get the materials in our house instead of waiting for nothing. I thought it was impossible to have a feeding activity luckily parents like Maam Nieves help provides materials and in cooking.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Card

Christmas time is fast approaching. Today I let my pupils make their own personalized Christmas card for their parents. They all have good choice in color combination and some still needs practice in writing their thoughts in the card but the card which I really notice was that of Rachel. Before we did the activity she told me that her mom has already gone to heaven so I told her just make one for her dad. When it's already time to pass their work I read her message to her dad. It was really beautiful. Rachel's messages moved me. I was really touched how she thank and acknowledge her father's love for them. I hope that she will fulfill her promise to her dad and grow up to be a mature and responsible child to her dad. Her mom must be so proud of her.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Points to ponder

Many people are hungry of power and position. Naturally they wanted to be on top and do whatever it takes to be there. It is ok to dream, it is alright to reach for a goal and there is no wrong in trying to make it to the top. What is wrong is that when we do things beyond our limitations just to get what we want without thinking what other people might feel and think. What is wrong is that we step on other people's right and deprive them of their opportunities. We are all equal here in this planet. We are all created to image and likeness of God but people are destroyed because of such mentality of wanting to get all they wanted. Let us not be blinded of such wants. We must think what is good for each and everyone of us here setting aside our own and personal interest. We must work hand in hand to solve all our problems. Let us stop blaming others of what happen. Let us hold on to our dreams and achieve them together. We must then do something before it is too late. I know we can make it if humility reign in our hearts, cooperation and sacrifices are made surely we are going to succeed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm always a victim of borrowers who failed to pay their debt. I don't know maybe I'm just too good to get angry or confront them of the money they owed me. Ever since college my classmates wanted to borrow money from me. I'm ok with it as long as they are going to pay me. The sad thing was some of them even now that I'm already in the service there are still some teachers who failed to pay their debts. I feel that this is really unfair because even if I'm still single I still have a life on my own to live and bills to pay. Unlucky me I don't have a husband to help shoulder my budget and all that. Just recently somebody wants me to apply for a loan worth 80 thousand imagine I'm a fool to let myself borrow money from the bank with the money that I'm not going to use. An angel told me not to let this happen and that my decision to say yes to this loan thing is not good. I just got to thank her because I was able to refuse on saying yes to this loan thing. Thank God I was saved.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Save the last dance

I decided to finally join the dance even if I don't really like the idea of wearing a gown while dancing. As what I have said this is just for once in a lifetime event. We have our practice today and I'm really tired of doing such they wanted that our performance will be perfect because as what they say we are performing for the opening production number in the program. I can't help it but to complain on the gown issue thing but I got to follow their decision or I else I'll just make myself absent for that day. There is no turning back I got to attend the dance if I quit maam Lydia will have no more partner in the dance.I got to stick to the plan. Have a nice day my friend.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dancing wearing a gown

This coming December 3 all teachers in our division is going to celebrate Teacher's Day. All the different districts are going to present a dance presentation. Unlucky me I am one of the dancers no exception. I love to dance, I know how to dance and dancing is one of my favorite things to do in college. I remember before I used to dance with my friends we even name our group as the Gestures Beat. We dance when there are general assemblies, programs and even on parties. When I graduated in college we lost contact with each other except for my cousin honey who is the leader in the group. The school is so busy preparing for our presentation. We are going to dance the Waltz. I love Waltz its just that they are going to let us wear gowns while dancing imagine me dancing wearing a gown. I'm still hesitant to wear a gown in fact the only time I wear a gown is when I became one of Ate Joy's bridesmaids. I just got to take it. It is once in a life time event. Maybe I will be taking off my eyeglasses then while dancing for me not to see people who will be watching me on stage. I'm just too shy because of my huge, enormous, big and gigantic size hehehe

Monday, November 23, 2009


Kids are playful today. I just couldn't understand why they love to play and they don't even get tired of doing it. They keep on running, jumping and skipping. I could have done those things too when I was young like their age but I wasn't able to do it because I'm sickly before even until now. There are a lot of things that I'm not allowed to do. Too much play and too much fatigue can trigger my asthma. Honestly I felt that I have missed a lot of thing in my childhood years. I wasn't able to climb on the tree, ride a bicycle, and the one which I still wanted to try until now is too play on the rain. I guess I wouldn't taste the cake just to know if it is sweet when I already know that it is for my own good. Looking back then I didn't really have such boring childhood because I play dolls and plastic plates which don't require much physical strength but I still couldn't help wonder what it feels like to climb the tree, ride a bicycle and play in the rain. I hope someday I'll have those chances I would really take it. I see to it that my kids in school got to play what they wanted in the right time but sometimes they over do it that is why I let them play after class time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Favorite Pupil

He is not really my favorite but he always caught my attention. I don't understand why he behave that way. He teases his classmates, he go in and out of the classroom, he is happy when someone gets hurt, he even inflict pain to his classmates and he don't even value his education. It hurts me so badly because he is a part of my class and it seems like all options have been taken for me to win him. It is not all the time that he makes bad things it only depends on his mood. I pitied him when I found out that he is living with is grandmother and he did opened up to me that his mom and dad live separately and have a family of their own. I could feel his pain. For how many times I tried to understand him and for all the love I've shown him it is just not enough for me to heal his pain until he could accept his life and start living without begging for his parents to give him the time to be love and to love them in return. Everyday he wanted to be seen and to be noticed at. I could not help it but to discipline him and tell him what is right from wrong. His wounds are too deep to be healed. I know in time someday he will realized and accept everything. I'm hoping that he will truly be fine soon. I'm praying that he would choose the right path for his life.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where am I now?

I know that I've been so preoccupied with a lot of work lately sometimes I can't find the meaning of it anymore. It is kinda bit frustrating to know but that is the whole truth but I'm trying to pick up all the pieces back for me and do my best in school that the kids will learn something from me that I could still do my obligations in school to the best that I can. Naturally, I should have no problem number #1 I'm single and i don't have any cardiac problems any matters from the heart, #2 I'm free I could do whatever I want, and 3# people really think that I almost have everything. I realize that I just wanted things to be perfect that is why I got frustrated when my expectations are not met. I just got to bear in mind that I'm not perfect and that I must embrace and accept my imperfections in that way then it will teach me to become a better and humble person.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Robots Exhibit Pictutres by Ronald Serapio

These are just one of the robot collection by Ronald Serapio at his Robots Exhibit. He created his robots using scrap materials which he converted it into different style and here is it ta dah..... Sure going to be fascinated about especially if you got to see it for real.

the red robot
check what this plane made of
the robot with a mouse body and plug hands

This is the huge robot displayed on the dance floor.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Divine Mercy Shrine

View in the Shrine
This the Divine Mercy shrine in El Salvador Misamis Oriental

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Karate Tournament

Awarding ceremony

This is Marjorie 14 year old karate student

I always wanted to enrol myself in a karate class but unfortunately I have a shoulder bone dislocation in both my two arms. That why I got an opportunity to sponsor a 14 year old girl Marjorie. She is good and she got potential. pictures were taken on the karate tournament she got two golds.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clean up activity

the pathway to the carmelite convent near our school

cleaning is a serious job. Save the earth

Gathering of thrash and leaves

Sweepin the sidewalk dusty but fun

The Four Lovebirds and Four Eagle joined together in the barangay clean up drive. Ms. Lilian Abregana and me, accompanied the children in this activity. We have so much fun. this activity was headed by the school division. we started at 8am and we end up at 11am. We realized that when we help each other our goals will be attained. Kids were able to see the importance of throwing their garbage in the right place, they have learned the importance of Mother Earth and begins to practice the zero waste management and separating biodegardable to non-biodegradable materials. I wish that this activity will continue in the next school year.

Monday, April 13, 2009

mission accomplished

I'm happy today because my wish was granted i finally let my special pupil entered the special school. i do hope that this will be a way for her to improve and be the best person she could ever be. I know she got potentials and she can make it. The only thing she is going to do is to believe in herself , practice more and diligently study her lessons. I pray that this will be a success that she will be given the opportunity to show what she really got.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My passion

I love to teach kids. I wanted to explore their world and discover how they are going to cope with the things they are facing as they journey through life. Being a teacher is not that easy it requires not only a person's intellect but most importantly a person's whole being. It's hard yet it is a challenge for me to do my best and to go an extra mile. things may not work as perfect as i wanted to expect from my kids but being a part of their life is a blessing. There might be times i got frustrated but in the end i knew that soon maybe not now i will reap the fruits that i planted. teaching is my passion, my life and my destiny.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

what i love to do

I love writing poems and articles. i don't have time to share my thoughts to other people that is why i put all my thoughts in words. whatever mood i am i'm able to express it through writing. all ever wanted is to become a writer.i wish i could share all my thoughts to many people and let them know the my ideas and what is my point of views. hopefully i could fill a lot articles in this blog.

My Goal in life

I have a small dream and that is to reach out to others and make a big change in the world. I've always wanted to be of service to others. Yet even if my dream of becoming a missionary was not fufilled i'm willing to make a difference. through this blog I would be able to express my voice on issues that we need to focus and give importance to. I'm starting today spreading good and positive thoughts for you readers. i will start with the word change. the only way for the person to have change is to be willing to go through sacrifices and working hard on the things we need to achieve in our lives for without it, we could never achieve the thing that we always wanted. move on and keep moving on. Life is a challenge. we should not waste it.