Saturday, March 21, 2015


I love my work. I know for sure that I needed my work so much that if I don't have work surely I would starve to death. I always value my work before. My attitude towards my work changes when I got a big issue that involves me. It was truly a disaster since everything changes. I feel bad of what I have become when I realize that I am becoming a worst employee in my workplace. I have been shattered and destroy. I feel like I needed a break, a diversion and an escape. I never feel so incompetent in my life. It was all negative and bad vibes everyday. Now, I wanted to stop the stigma which I infested in me. I need to transcend from my situation. I believe that I needed to change for me to move on and be well again. I thought have surrender it already but still there is pain and there is bitterness inside my heart. I am moving away from where I am now. Tomorrow I will pull myself much harder than before. I will do whatever it takes to be good and to be worthy of all the blessings I receive and recognition place in me. I will work hard and try my very best not to entertain all the negative things in me. I will make things right and be the good person that God wants me to be. I've been disappointed, rejected and hurt by people which I never expected them to do. The lesson I learn is, to never trust easily, to always be in caution so that i will protect my heart from getting hurt and to always remember that only God can make me happy and nobody else. I've been so open, so enslave by other people and so trusting, Now I know that I should love myself and I should take care of myself. I been in this chain for almost four years now. Tomorrow I am looking forward for a new me, for new goal and new mind. I always say that I am sick in the head. Now I declare that I am all well and ready to face a new battle in my life. I am almost done to reach my goal. I claim that God will give this favor and that God will give this chance. I wanted to have the best research paper in my class. I wanted to pass the comprehensive exam and finish my goal. I know that this is not easy but I will try my very best to make everything I do as my blood, as the water i thirst,  as the air that I breath and life I need to cherish and enjoy the most.  As what I always say no matter what happens ,life has to go on. 

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