Friday, July 26, 2013

Other side of Me

         I'm Carms a sped and a regular class teacher as well. I got simple dreams and i love blogging and I love to share my thoughts to others. For nine years I've been a classroom teacher and I have put all my time and life to teach kids with different personalities and background in life. I've been a grade four teacher for nine years and just this year I've step out of my comfort zone and step in to a new a different kind of teaching and that is teaching kids with special needs. At first I was kinda nervous and worried because the last time I handle kids with special needs was last 2004 when I have my internship and exposure to special education class. Due to some reasons I wanted to have a diversion of the usual things that I'm doing for over the past years of my life. Just last year I join a networking company here in the Philippines Nutratech Global Inc. our products are really effective and affordable as well. My need and a struggle to have financial independence doesn't stop there I also join an online business opportunity to where I could earn extra income for me to help my parents, help others by sharing the opportunity and for me to reach my dreams. TAMBAY ACADEMY this is a great opportunity for you to earn instant 100% commission and multiple streams of income. My deepest why I invest and do business is that I want to change the lives of other people and eliminate poverty in my own little ways. In sharing the business to other people, building relationships and convincing other people that change is worth doing for their own good all it takes is a will and determination to do it. If you are interested PM at CARMS

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