Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dancing wearing a gown

This coming December 3 all teachers in our division is going to celebrate Teacher's Day. All the different districts are going to present a dance presentation. Unlucky me I am one of the dancers no exception. I love to dance, I know how to dance and dancing is one of my favorite things to do in college. I remember before I used to dance with my friends we even name our group as the Gestures Beat. We dance when there are general assemblies, programs and even on parties. When I graduated in college we lost contact with each other except for my cousin honey who is the leader in the group. The school is so busy preparing for our presentation. We are going to dance the Waltz. I love Waltz its just that they are going to let us wear gowns while dancing imagine me dancing wearing a gown. I'm still hesitant to wear a gown in fact the only time I wear a gown is when I became one of Ate Joy's bridesmaids. I just got to take it. It is once in a life time event. Maybe I will be taking off my eyeglasses then while dancing for me not to see people who will be watching me on stage. I'm just too shy because of my huge, enormous, big and gigantic size hehehe

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  1. Oh, I hate wearing gowns too Carms! I heard our Christmas party will be a formal one, making us wear dresses... and I hate it! I think I just won't attend it :D