Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Favorite Pupil

He is not really my favorite but he always caught my attention. I don't understand why he behave that way. He teases his classmates, he go in and out of the classroom, he is happy when someone gets hurt, he even inflict pain to his classmates and he don't even value his education. It hurts me so badly because he is a part of my class and it seems like all options have been taken for me to win him. It is not all the time that he makes bad things it only depends on his mood. I pitied him when I found out that he is living with is grandmother and he did opened up to me that his mom and dad live separately and have a family of their own. I could feel his pain. For how many times I tried to understand him and for all the love I've shown him it is just not enough for me to heal his pain until he could accept his life and start living without begging for his parents to give him the time to be love and to love them in return. Everyday he wanted to be seen and to be noticed at. I could not help it but to discipline him and tell him what is right from wrong. His wounds are too deep to be healed. I know in time someday he will realized and accept everything. I'm hoping that he will truly be fine soon. I'm praying that he would choose the right path for his life.


  1. Carm's haven't you suggested to his parents to bring him to a special school? Maybe he got some kind of problems that needs special attention?

  2. for madz It so sad madz his parents don't have much time for him.