Sunday, December 6, 2009

Points to ponder

Many people are hungry of power and position. Naturally they wanted to be on top and do whatever it takes to be there. It is ok to dream, it is alright to reach for a goal and there is no wrong in trying to make it to the top. What is wrong is that when we do things beyond our limitations just to get what we want without thinking what other people might feel and think. What is wrong is that we step on other people's right and deprive them of their opportunities. We are all equal here in this planet. We are all created to image and likeness of God but people are destroyed because of such mentality of wanting to get all they wanted. Let us not be blinded of such wants. We must think what is good for each and everyone of us here setting aside our own and personal interest. We must work hand in hand to solve all our problems. Let us stop blaming others of what happen. Let us hold on to our dreams and achieve them together. We must then do something before it is too late. I know we can make it if humility reign in our hearts, cooperation and sacrifices are made surely we are going to succeed.

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